is a Bulgarian artist, graphic designer and assistant professor in visual arts. He graduated from the  National Art High School and the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with a doctoral dissertation in 2019. 

He specializes in book design (with more than 2000 book covers in 15 years), poster design, illustration, post stamp design, calligraphy and design research. He is an assistant professor at New Bulgarian University and the main artist at one of the biggest  bulgarian publishing houses "Ciela", as well as designer for other leading publishers such as "Colibri", "List", "Circle". He is the author of the childrens book "Draw me a sheep". In 2016 he started the typographic experiment "SubLingual", an ideogram dictionary of relevant words from the Bulgarian language. The project is updated every year and has evolved steadily  through several national and international exhibitions and a book.

He is the author of the public lecture "The great journey of the small graphic" in the framework of Computer Space 2014, as well as "Our ideas are dinosaurs" within the Poster and Visual Communication Conference (2013).

Specialization at the Atelier Cite des Arts Paris (2007 and 2021).

He participated in the Triennial of the stage poster in Sofia in 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013 and in the Biennial of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2019, 2021. Participant and co-organizer of the Second Scientific Conference on Poster "Poster Thinking. Conceptual Art. Inventions" (2008).
Author of numerous philatelic publications (2004 - 2023).

publications and prizes

Publications on poster and graphic design issues in Prographica magazine: "The Drevinsky Synthesis", "F(ilip) A(pelois) as F(rensky) A(fish)", "Zen and the Art of the Japanese Environmental Poster" , Iko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai, Shigeo Fukuda, ProGrafitti, The Propaganda Poster, Robinson and the Stage Poster Triennial, A Brief History of the Silhouette, Breakthrough and Metaphor in the Posters of Mieczyslaw Gurowski ".

2012 - Prize from the exhibition-competition "Great masters of the Japanese poster"

2008 – Second prize in the "Font" section of the First Biennale of Bulgarian Graphic Design

2017 - Winner of the "Konstantin Konstantinov" national award for contribution to children's book publishing in the category "Illustration"

2021 - Winner of the national award "Hristo G. Danov" in the category "Artist - book design and layout".

2023 - Winner of the national award "Golden brush" for best book design 

selected exhibitions

2014 - Participation in the exhibition "Three Favourites", within Plovdiv One Design Week;

    2014 - Participation in the exhibition "40 Best Covers by Bulgarian Artists" with 5 covers, one of them in the selected Top 10;

    2013 - Participation in the "Gaudeamus Igitur" Exhibition, Gabrovo, of lecturers and students of the National Academy of Arts;

    2012 - Exhibition in BCC Moscow "Artist and Word", together with the artist Kapka Kaneva;

    2012 - Participation in a poster exhibition of teachers of the National Academy of Arts in the Debut Gallery;

    2011 - Solo exhibition at Helikon Bookstore - Art of the Bulgarian Book[6][7][8] ;

    2012 - Participation in the exhibition "The City", BNR, Tourist Information Centre, Sofia, 2011;

    2012 - Participation in the II Biennial of Bulgarian Design, Sofia, 2011;

    2012 - Participation in an exhibition in Chestnuts Park, Bankya, 2012;

    2010 - Participation in poster exhibition "Messages to the World", Shanghai Expo, Shanghai;

    2010 - Curator and participant in poster exhibition "Caravan of Ten Words";

    2009 - Solo exhibition "A Dictionary of One's Own and Other People's Thoughts" at Chapel Hall, National Gallery of Art;

    2007 - Co-organizer of the exhibition "60 Years of Poster Specialty";

    2007 - Participation in an exhibition of young Bulgarian illustrators, under the patronage of SBH, Bratislava;

    2006 - Participation in the National Exhibition "Art of the Bulgarian Book", SBH and award in the section "Typeface", participation in the travelling exhibition "Art of the Bulgarian Book";

    2008 - Participant in the exhibition "Bulgarian Poster" in Istanbul;

    2007 - Participation in the Exhibition "Young Authors", Sofia Philharmonic, 2007.